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All American Wonder Volume 2, by Ray Cowdery and Merill Madsen over 140 pages of great info on ww2 jeeps and accessories  €  38.95
all american wonder volume 3  €  60.00
All American Wonder Volume One. written by Ray Cowdery, revised idition over 140 pages loaded with great info on mb and gpw jeeps  €  37.10
Britse airborne jeeps by Rob and Monica van Meel. 80 pages of very interesting information an the so-called airbrone jeeps used by the britisch paratroopers  €  25.44
conversion manual 6 to 12 volt MWO ORD G503-W7 copy  €  10.60
de jeep express rare dutch book about a journey with a ww2 jeep from indonesie to holland  €  25.00
deep water fording manual perfect copy of the ww2 manual for the standardised kit for jeeps and dodge an gmc  €  20.00
deep water fording supplement on the ord 9 G503 willys jeep navy unstructions , a copy of a very rare tm  €  40.00
deep water fording TM for willys jeep 1/4 ton MX 735 A MR installation instructions a are book and a perfect xerox copy of the original  €  40.00
Fast reference partslist for jeepmodels from 1942 up to 1972, a misut to find more parts wich are interchangeble between all models  €  31.80
ford parts price list TM-1100 for GP 1/4 ton prototype reprint of 70 pages  €  20.00
french TM9-803 for mb , gpw and m201 jeeps 6-12 and 24 volts, copy of this original manuls from 1968  €  8.00
GMC DUKW TM 9-1802-B official wardepartment copy  €  42.40
jeep by jeudy 1981 very good condition already a collectors item  €  96.00
jeep cj2a up to m38 A1 600 pages full of CJ info  €  70.00
jeep jeep jeep revised edition. this is one of he best books on ww2 jeeps, many pictures with many details, a musthave for all collectors  €  35.00
Jeeps in British service, written by my good friend Gavin Birch and an excelent book on jeeps which where in britsh service during ww2 , 95% of the pictures are unpubliced. over 390 pictures on 228 pages This book can be set in the same line as the famous JEEP JEEP JEEP book.  €  37.10
jeeps in detail about the WW2 jeep 132 pages  €  30.00
jeeps in detail m38A1/M606 A2 40 pages with pictures  €  25.00
La jeep 1940- 1945 120 pages in french  €  40.00
le guide La jeep 1940- 1945 120 pages in french written by my good frien Christophe Chevalet  €  44.00
lubrication chart which was folded in the TM 9-803 very rare NOS  €  31.80
M201 the story of the hostkiss jeep 90 pages full story on history on the m201 and differences between m201 and the willys mb and ford gpw jeep.  €  35.00
maintenance manual willys mb TM 10-1513 change no1 okt 42 with russian chapter in the back good condition rear cover is missing small piece  €  212.00
maintenance manual willys mb TM 10-1513 change no1 okt. 1 1942 used condition with russian chapter in the back front cover and first pages have been eaten way partly and rear cover is missing  €  159.00
maintenance manual willys mb TM 10-1513 change no1 sept 43 with russian chapter in the back front is repro , the rest is good  €  212.00
maintenance manual willys mb TM 10-1513 change no15 jan. 1 1943 in nice condition with russian chapter in the back  €  254.40
off road jeeps civilan and military 1944-1971 140 pages from mb/gpw up to m151 Mutt.  €  27.00
only in a jeep 190 pages full off 1940's up to 1980's french text but thta's no problem, many illustrations  €  50.00
ord 9 1945 original complete , repro front cover and 3 rear pages, used but ok.  €  84.80
Ord7 parts and accessorries copy of the original book, very usefull with all tools,spareparts and gunmounts  €  10.60
Ord9 G740 parts list on the M38. reprint  €  70.00
partslist CJ2A and 3A willys overland , perfect repro.1949  €  37.10
preproduction civilian jeeps 170 pages full off info on Cj-1 and Cj-2 anfd the MT-tug lot's off rare photo's  €  54.00
quarter ton by pat ware, 220 pages on info on the willys jeep, austin champ and landrover  €  54.00
rare ww2 jeep hard cover photo archive 148 pages.  €  60.00
Rare WW2 jeep soft cover many rare pictures on special jeeps 148 pages  €  26.00
reel unit manual tm11-362 plus supplement C1. very professional xerox including also a spare parts document and a drawing of how to mount it in a 1/4 ton jeep.  €  20.00
selling the all american wonder , 100 pages off info on james sessions and advertisement.  €  35.00
service manual for most CJ models, super nice copy  €  29.47
Sessions adds original nice condition  €  10.60
standarised wartime jeep 228 pages on the wartime jeeps and it's diffrences between all models, very informtive with many clear illustrations  €  35.00
sur la traces de la legende jeep, french book 280 pages , very heavy jeep book with over 800 illustrations, history of the jeep from 1944 up to 2003, 50% military  €  80.00
the art of the jeep very good condition of a very rare book the japanese version of the all american wonder volume 1. from 1986    
the art of the jeep japanese version of the AAW 1 extremely rare! only about 1000 made in as new condition  €  300.00
the classic military jeep 144 pages , great book for whjo's restoring a ww2 jeep.  €  35.00
the jeep olyslager by bart vanderveen original with dustcover.  €  50.00
the military jeep 1941 to 1945 second edition 88 pages off detailed info on all differences between all ww2 jeepmodels and updates on every model, a musthave for the real jeepfanatic who wants his jeep restored as it should for it's age and date off delivery  €  50.00
the military jeep byers bible. 104 pages many info on mb/gpw and hotskiss etc.  €  35.00
TM 10-1186 july 1943 willys master partslist for jeep and trailer perfect repro  €  28.09
TM 10-1437 FORD 1/2 ton maintenance manual 1943 nice condition  €  84.80
TM 1513 dec 1943 change 1 maintenace manula with russian chapter perfect repro  €  28.09
TM 9-1005-213-25 cal. .50 repair and partsbook original 1968  €  53.00
TM 9-1826C carburateur manual ZENITH 1944 may 15  €  63.60
tm 9-803 1944 , us army 1947 print original NOS mint condition  €  120.00
trasnmission how to rebuild it step by step, by robert notman, a great book with original articles from Army motors (from wartiem issues) combinned with experianced knwoledge of the auther himself. a musthave if you are going to work on your transmission or just in case!  €  40.00
Unpacking instructions for a crated Ford jeep copy  €  7.42
Unpacking instructions for a crated Willys jeep copy  €  7.42
Winter and the Willys MB/Ford GPW. This book is very interesting and gives you loads of information on the winterising kit for the ww2 jeep. Heaters , Blankets, cold starting kits etc. etc. 77 pages. Written by my good friend Robert Notman  €  22.26
ww2 jeep military portfolio 1941-1945. 140 pages of info and rare pictures.  €  25.00