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boltset capstan rope rollbar mounting kit    
boltset complete to mount the capstan on your jeep, bolts washers, nuts etc. all included    
capstan head top cap repro ww2 style    
Copy of the original capstan drawing 1945.  €  25.00
head capstan winch    
roller rope for on front bumper perfect repro 99,9% like the original , no cheap copy but mad of real bronze sides and massive bar. a very limited edition    
WO-A -10282: winch mounting plate    
WO-A- 2914 : splined shaft capstan winch    
WO-A- 53356: woodruff key splined shaft    
WO-A- 638792: alemite fitting winch drive support bracket  €  2.00
WO-A- 9194 : set of 3 winch drive spacers    
WO-A- 9203 : Poppet spring winch drive support bracket    
WO-A- 9205 : clutch pulley (crankshaft pulley)    
WO-A-10284 : winch drive support bracket    
WO-A-10285. Spacer axle bumper set of 2    
WO-A-10370 : spacer mounting plate (ford only) set of 6 .    
WO-A-2907: Shift fork capstan winch    
WO-A-53355: set screw hex socket type    
WO-A-5691 : Drag link bell crank front    
WO-A-635838: poppet ball winch drive support bracket    
WO-A-638513: crankshaft pulley nut    
WO-A-640038: Alemite fitting winch drive support bracket  €  2.00
WO-A-9196: Shift rod capstan winch    
WO-A-9201 : pin shaft assy to winch    
WO-A-9202 : winch drive shaft assembly    
WO-A-9206 : shift rail capstan winch    
WO-A-9211 : winch drive shaft hub assembly